Self-Actualization PhotoTherapy


Are you searching to find your true identity?  Do you know in your head that you are loved by Jesus, but struggle to fully realize it in your heart?

Finally Seen Self-Actualization PhotoTherapy is a process that helps you bring to light your true identity through conversation, action and expression, and capturing your true essence in photos to cement it into your daily life.  Whether you are at the beginning of this exploration, or are looking to reinforce what you have already found, I will work with you to tailor a series of sessions that fits where you are at.

What it is:

  • Up to three conversation/interviews to understand your story, where you have come from, and where God is taking you.

  • 1 photo session capturing you walking out your identity in environment, action, and expression.

  • A set of 20 or more high-resolution digital images that reveal your true essence.  


Price: $500.  Optional prints and books for an additional fee.


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