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I hesitated on showing all of the pictures from this photo shoot. I have hidden parts of me most of my whole life. As I was looking through them, I was really impressed that God made me who He made me to be for HIS glory! He made me as HIS Masterpiece! Who am I to hide what God saw as beautiful?! A few of these pictures I DO personally struggle with, BUT I refuse to hide who HE CREATED in me any longer! Thank you God for making me so unique to YOU! Finally Seen by Jaclin Belabri. You really did an AMAZING job, per my husband! And between God and my husband, I'll let me be ME!

These photos were definitely God's desire for me to see ME! I looked through these pictures again last week and cried.  THOSE pictures changed my life. 




How often is it that you an meet with a photographer who is interested in it what is in your heart? Who wants to know about your journey and what it is that you are wanting the photos to say about you as a person. That is what I found when I met with Jaclin to discuss what it was I was looking for. To my surprise all of the photos were shot outside using only natural light.

It was an even bigger surprise to me to see what God did with that natural light. I had my photos done for a specific reason. I needed to be able to see the beauty in me that others say and more specifically- that The Lord saw in me. That was my assignment. Jaclin not only understood that she stepped up to the plate and exceeded my expectations.
When I got my photos back. I contacted Jaclin to ask her how it was she was able to achieve some of the light effects that were on my photos. To my amazement I discovered that, she didn't. Those were supplied by Someone else. Those photos still take my breath away when I look at them. She was able to catch the 'me' that I have never been able to see. The 'me' that others see, the 'me' that God sees and who see's I am. I am now able to claim and own that that beauty that is mine and is who I am. While it may sound trite to say that those photos have changed how I see myself, they have indeed been part of a process that has changed my life and how I see myself. I no longer hide from a camera, or say "I hate getting my picture taken!". I know now that there is an inherent beauty within and it is mine to claim.
I would encourage any woman who struggles with self image (and indeed I have several women friends who have gone on and had their photos done with Jaclin since I have had mine done) to consider trusting themselves to this amazing, gentle, sensitive, and intuitive woman- and let her reveal to you- your beauty within. You will to will be stunned and forever changed.